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Kayaking into Sunset

VA Summer Sports Programs

The Severson Group 

Proudly supports the VA Summer Sports Clinic.

Our team oversees all vendor support for the program, ensuring that every vendor fulfills their commitments and delivers services on time and effectively.


Having been a dedicated partner for the past six years. The overall program
is now in its 17th year, the Department of Veterans Affairs’ National
Veterans Summer Sports Clinic stands as a premier rehabilitative and
educational event. It offers hands-on sporting experiences for military
Veterans nationwide who face a spectrum of disabilities, including
amputations, PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and more.

Complementing the ongoing therapy provided in daily rehabilitation
programs at VA facilities across the nation, VA clinics provides Veterans
with an invaluable opportunity to engage in adaptive sports and
recreational activities. From sailing and surfing to adaptive fitness,
kayaking, cycling, and yoga, participants explore a diverse array of
adaptive sports designed to enhance their rehabilitation journey.
Participation in the clinic is open to Veterans whose current rehabilitation
goals align with the benefits of adaptive summer sports.


It is available to Veterans eligible for VA healthcare services, including physical
rehabilitation, mental health support, blind rehabilitation, spinal cord injury
care, and beyond.

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