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Facility Management

The Severson Group is a national company with large-business agility that provides outsource-contract-services solutions for government and commercial clients.

TSG operates under ISO 9001:2008, CIMS-GB, and OSHA guidelines. As a result of operating under these protocols in addition to continual training procedures, TSG has zero days away from work, zero restricted duty, and a zero job-transfer rate (DART).


As our “Quality & HSE Policy” states, our certifications are external evidence of our commitment to providing quality services, satisfying customer needs, promoting environmental responsibility, and maintaining the health and welfare of all employees. This is achieved through:

  • KNOWLEDGE of the requirements, including customer and company requirements, and HSE, legal, and other requirements

  • FACILITATING continual improvement through measurable goals, objectives, and targets

  • MAINTAINING system effectiveness through improved performance, injury reduction, and pollution prevention

Achieving this, the organization remains dynamic, allowing us to adapt to and exceed customer expectations, while complying with all requirements.


Our commitment to establishing and retaining a high-quality workforce at every level that is nurtured by a robust safety program, allows us to consistently provide superior work at low cost, and without injury. These efficiencies make us more economical, and the logical supplier of choice to our customers.

TSG employs a MISSION ZERO safety campaign to celebrate TSG’s commitment to an incident-free work environment, and to reinforce our goal of zero incidents and injuries. Mission ZERO is symbolic of TSG’s safety culture—a culture that is based on the belief that every incident and resulting injury is preventable. Every project manager is expected to commit to mission ZERO, hold safety as a core value, and make dedicated efforts to make mission ZERO a success. The company’s commitment to mission ZERO produces world-class safety results. TSG applies one standard for company record keeping, meaning all occupational injuries and illnesses (including first-tier subcontractors), regardless of the location of occurrence or the cause, are recorded as work-related injuries/illnesses.

Additionally, a successful and responsible supplier should demonstrate an environmental commitment to our customers, our employees, and our community. We must set forth and establish an environmentally sound “Sustainability/Green Program”. This plan is a way to show our clients that we are making a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint. We educate our employees on CIM-GB practices and put these practices into place. Strict adherence to these practices allows us to achieve our goal of becoming the supplier of choice for any potential customer, and ultimately a benchmark company in the facilities management industry.

Our comprehensive facilities maintenance services include:

  • Building operations and maintenance

  • Predictive and preventive maintenance

  • HVAC and mechanical

  • Energy efficiency

  • Lighting and electrical

  • Workspace planning

  • Space utilization/planning

  • Utility/move management

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