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Work With The Best

The Severson Group leads the way in managing contingent workers. We operate nationwide with a large footprint that allows us to access a pool of skilled workers of all experience levels and backgrounds.

Our long partnership with the military gives us access to veterans transitioning into civilian life who are adept at working effectively in challenging and constantly changing environments. And by leveraging our vast network of partners, we’ve also got you covered with connections to some of the most talented professionals in the industry. Either way, you benefit with a workforce that’s ready to hit the ground running, right from the start. We can handle all your needs, including telecommunications, sales and support staff, call center operations, engineers, installers, analysts, and planners.

Whatever positions your project requires, we can staff—from top executive to hourly laborer.

We put heavy emphasis on understanding customer requirements initially and on an ongoing basis. We work hard to understand the requirements—whether strategic, tactical, or position-based—and to support these requirements in our recruiting strategy, onboarding, and post-hire support.

Benefits of TSG:

  • We offer Total Program Management .

  • We are licensed to work in every U.S. state.

  • Our recruiting staff of seasoned professionals is decentralized, and employs a flexible model. We ramp up or down in a given geography, as driven by client needs.

  • We have a very flat organization, with only one layer between the CEO and our recruiting and operations teams. Our teams work with each other under the belief that if we take exceptional care of each other, we can take exceptional care of our clients.

  • Quality does not just mean a well-executed hire. We understand this distinction, and work with our clients to drive on-the-job performance.

Our specific end-to-end quality measures are:

  • Timeliness of initiating job search

  • Recruiters’ understanding of the position

  • Timeframe to identify candidates

  • Quality of candidate pool

  • Pre-screening and onboarding of candidates, including:

  • Background checks

  • Drug screening

  • I-9 verification (with 2 pieces of identification)

  • Verification of legal eligibility to work

  • International Terrorist Watch List

  • iWatch Training

We also offer:

  • W-2 payroll management

  • Offer/closing effectiveness

  • Ability to onboard in 5–7 days (sooner if requested)

  • Ability to quickly replace candidates

  • Large database of candidate résumés for all position in every state

  • 100% on-time and compliant payroll processing

  • Competitive cost

  • Retention of hired associates

  • Performance of hired associates

  • Favorable quarterly rates from our clients

Each client has an assigned project manager who checks in with the client weekly (or more often, if requested). The client is not burdened with managing the workforce.

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