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Environmental Services (EVS) - Healthcare TSG understands the role played by Environmental Services in mitigating risk and impacting Hospital Associated Infections (HAI) that endanger patients. We will work with our hospital clients on methods that support efforts to reduce environmental risk factors impacting HAI. We are persistent in our service delivery while remaining nimble in our approach to solutions to help you accomplish your mission.

Finding the right Environmental Service provider can be a challenge for many health care institutions because there are so many companies that claim their processes and procedures are the best and their systems are unique. TSG does not state claims or procedures that we cannot deliver on, we deliver period!

Our definition of quality performance demands that we are proactively in touch with patients and staff while remaining responsive to interdependencies among hospital departments. Our client’s mission becomes our mission. We are on a mission to prove that a Service Disabled Veteran owned business can perform at the highest level of environmental Services (EVS) and that our clients do not need to be weighted down with a large burden of its revenue going to environmental services. We seek to be the EVS healthcare company of choice for your healthcare needs.

TSG understands that patients deserve a level of service that goes beyond medical care. They need to feel that their medical facility environment is sanitary and clean. TSG is certified Clean Industry Management Standard – Green Building (CIMS-GB).

In addition to being certified in CIMS-GB, TSG is familiar with the regulations surrounding HIPPA, OSHA and blood-borne pathogens. Additionally, patients experience impacts Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) satisfaction scores.

We understand these challenges and respond with comprehensive healthcare support services to ensure patient safety and satisfaction.

TSG’s fundamental objective is to be in the forefront of the fight against Healthcare Associated Infections while providing the best quality of Environmental Services (EVS) available.

Linen Distribution
We do more than just process linen. We develop and implement tailored and logistically streamlined solutions that cover every aspect of the linen utilization cycle, ensuring that you have the high-quality linens you need, where you need them, when you need them, guaranteed. We approach linen management and control in a systematic, structured fashion. We evaluate the hospital needs through an on-site review, analyzing linen data, assessing work-loads and volume, and examining textile mix.

Laundry Management
We evaluate and pinpoints cost-savings opportunities as well as increase nursing and patient satisfaction by funding a full-time Linen Utilization Manager who takes ownership of the entire linen process. Our experience in the EVS industry allows us to evaluate common strengths and weaknesses in this area, and we’ve created solutions to drastically improve your processes and create immediate results.
We can:

  •  Reduce your labor needs.

  • Find cost-saving substitutes that meet the needs of your facility.

  •  Increase nursing and patient satisfaction by managing linen delivery and eliminating its overflow.

  •  Eliminate extra weight charges by providing a third-party inspector to oversee invoices.

Patient Transport
Not only is our staff thoroughly trained in safe handling procedures from lifting protocols to infection prevention, they are prompt and efficient while displaying kindness and compassion to every patient, every time. Specialized patient transportation delivers improvements in capacity and revenue. We help free up staff and nurses so they can
focus on taking care of patients, and eliminate risk in your work-related injuries. We concentrate on work Lift Teams, Walking Partners, and Comfort support teams to ensure your patient transport needs are fully staffed to support your needs and mission. We believe in a centralized dispatching process to maximize productivity. Additionally,
utilizing patient transport for discharge patients gives EVS a jump on the discharge cleaning process as discharge notification is immediate.

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